Friday, November 14, 2014

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

Autism Light #364 is Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), is a non-profit organization located in Sydney, Australia. They were founded in 1969 by a passionate group of autism parents and today are the largest provider of services to individuals with autism in Australia, helping 10,000 people each year. Autism Spectrum Australia is an Autism Light for the light they shine for autism in Australia through their direct services with individuals with autism and for their creative and effective efforts at raising public awareness of autism.

Values: The following is the values and mission of Autism Spectrum Australia as shared on the Aspect Website.
"At Aspect we are passionate about people, about being positive and about what's possible. We are committed to providing the best opportunities for people at home, in the classroom and at work. We are single-minded in our pursuit to make life better for people living with autism and we are devoted to making connections that help us to better understand people’s needs and wants (Aspect Website)."
The following is a video that gives an overview of the extensive work and programs of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

A Different Brilliant Campaign was launched by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) in November, 2014. People are encouraged to watch and share the "A Different Brilliant" video that Aspect created. If you are sharing on Twitter or other social media that uses hashtags please use the hashtag #adifferentbrilliant.

Social Media: You can follow the work of Autism Spectrum Australia at the following social media areas:
Contact: To contact Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) use the following means.
  • Phone: 1-800-ASPECT (277328)
  • Email:
  • Mail: PO Box 361, Forestville, Sydney, Australia 2086
  • Website:
  • Webform:
If you would like to donate to Autism Spectrum Australia there are online ways to support them.

Special thanks to Autism Spectrum Australia for their dedication to changing the lives of individuals with autism in Australia. May they continue to shine a light for autism and grow as an organization. 

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism.

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