Thursday, June 23, 2011

John LeSieur

Autism Light #2 is John LeSieur.

John LeSieur created the Zac Browser and is the President of People CD.  The Zach Browser is a web browser designed to help children with autism navigate the internet. The USA Today did a story on John LeSieur which can be found at this Website. This resource was created in order to help limit the frustrations of his grandson Zachary experienced when using the internet.  Zachary has autism. People CD summarizes the unique features of their browser by saying,
"The buttons are limited to essential functions and the browser prevents the child from accessing inappropriate sites. Children suffering from autism are known for being able to adapt easily to PECS (pictograms) so we designed an icon based navigation system like the PECS system."
  Below is the Associated Press story on this special web browser. 

Social Media: You can follow John LeSieur and his work at the following social media areas:

You may find out all about this special browser for computer users with autism on their home page at   A free download is available.  John LeSieur is an Autism Light because of the potential this browser has to help many children with autism experience the world of the Internet.  

Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism. 

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