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Dr. Vince Carbone

Autism Light Classic
Updated on January 5, 2014. 

Autism Light #5 is Dr. Vince Carbone.

Dr. Vince Carbone is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and has almost 35 years of experience in the field of autism education and Applied Behavioral Analysis.  His Carbone Clinic is located in Valley Cottage, New York. Dr. Vince Carbone is an Autism Light for how his work in Applied Behavior Analysis has helped people with autism and for how his skill in his field has helped mentor others.

Carbone Clinic:  The Carbone Clinic is a 7,500 square foot clinic located about 25 minutes from New York City.  According to their website, Dr. Clinic oversees the clinic's work in an environment which typically includes: 
  • 10 instructors
  • 2 classroom supervisors
  • About 40 learners with autism or other disabilities
Education: Dr. Carbone completed his graduate training in ABA Therapy at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

Consultant: Dr.Vince Carbone serves as a consultant at learning centers such as The Children's Institute (TCI) in New Jersey. Here is a video made for TCI featuring Dr. Carbone.

Teaching Positions: Dr. Carbone has taught Applied Behavior Analysis at the following educational institutions.
National Conferences:  Dr. Vince Carbone is a frequent presenter at conferences.  At the Autism and Education Conference he said this noteworthy quote.  
Children on the autism spectrum are not learning disabled, they are teaching challenges. So, the question is not whether they can learn...the question to ask is, "Can I teach them in a way they can understand? --Dr. Vincent Carbone (2010 Autism and Education Conference)
For a PowerPoint presentation on one of Dr. Vince Carbone's talks you can view at pdf of his talk at the 2009 National Autism Conference

ABA Mentor:  Dr. Vince Carbone has trained many ABA practitioners in the practice of ABA therapy. People who have studied under Dr. Carbone often will provide his name in their biography because of the stellar reputation for his work.   

The following is a YouTube video of Dr. Carbone explaining some important educational steps that parents can take when they discover their child has autism.

For more information, there is a biography of Dr. Carbone at the ABA Toolchest. Special thanks to Dr. Vince Carbone for being an Autism Light. The influence that his work on ABA has had around the world has helped in the education of this particular option of autism treatment. Autism Light honors diverse heroes to the world of autism. 

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